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IBIS Computer was founded by IAN TURNER, who graduated from the University of Queensland in 1977 as a Bachelor of Engineering with First Class honours and a University Medal. Even before graduation, Ian’s aptitude for finding solutions to real-life problems was evident. His thesis project, a traffic control system, not only won academic awards but was installed for use by the Brisbane City Council. The proof of the practical viability of this design is that 6 units remained in active service a decade later.


Employed initially after graduation by the Council, Ian left 4 years later to establish IBIS Computer. While working under long term contract for a local control systems company, he developed a series of embedded system products for use in the mining industry. Simultaneously he was working on the refinement of UNIX system database tools and associated commercial business software. A synthesis of these two diverse activities resulted in the Dragline Production Monitor.

Ian was the principal architect of this system where radio telemetry linked the monitoring and control system on the dragline to a central UNIX system for further analysis and reporting. In addition, he was solely responsible for the design, development and commissioning of the multitasking multiprocessor software on board the dragline.

Once again his innovative but practical solutions received both academic and commercial recognition. The client for whom the system was developed has sold 43 systems in Australia and an additional 30 overseas. In 1991 Ian received a Master of Engineering for his thesis on the application of microprocessors in the mining industry. Ten years experience in developing durable and reliable products for the harsh mining industry environment was distilled into a design philosophy and toolbox of hardware and software techniques to be applied in other fields.



Subsequent diverse applications ranged from a single microchip protocol converter through to Australia Post’s Small Parcel Sorting Machine employing a hierarchy of 230 processors to sort mail 24 hrs/day – 7 days/week. Examples in between these extremes include:- a specification for SEQEB’s communications network database, machine simulators using LabWindows, radio telemetry for QNX, steel house frame assembly with embedded database and multi-threaded control for simultaneous item manufacture on an industrial PC.

Involvement in the rail industry started with repairs and upgrades to track maintenance computers, progressed to the control system for Queensland Rail’s Sleeper Laying machine, and recently culminated in delivery of Rail Rover – a remotely controlled rail inspection vehicle. Development of this system drew on the full extent of Ian’s 35 years experience.

This means that IBIS Computer is likely to already have experience with many of the aspects of your next project.
EA_CPEngineer_Member_RGBIn addition to being Rail Industry Worker Certified, Ian is a Registered Professional Engineer in Queensland, listed on the National Engineers Register, and a chartered member of Engineers Australia.
He is also a member of IICA, ISA (USA) and IEEE (USA).


IBIS Computer is actively involved in mentoring engineering and information technology students.