Control Engineers
Embedded System Developers


All endeavours are supported by our fit-for-purpose engineering facilities featuring electronics lab with 3D printer, clean assembly area, 3D CNC router, workshop with lathe, mill and welder, warehouse and separate offices for engineers (no cubicles).

Due diligence engineering

  • develop Safety Case for control products and projects
  • run workshops to prepare threat <> barrier diagrams and associated implementation justifications

Internet-Of-Things development

  • secure internet connectivity to embedded controls in equipment
  • design of custom electronic interfaces
  • schematic capture, PCB design and prototype assembly

Extending life of legacy machines

  • leverage 35yrs experience to understand why legacy systems got to be the way they are
  • re-engineer unreliable or failing components or systems
  • add remote support to expedite troubleshooting and increase uptime

Architect, specify, design, build and document the controls for complex systems

  • Rail Rover, Parcel Sorting Machine, Factory automation
  • requirements discovery
  • preparation of a ‘Concept of Operations’ document
  • specify, design & build – update as-installed drawings, user operation manuals, technical maintenance manuals

Control system programming

  • PLC and embedded microcontroller
  • RTOS – TI-RTOS ARM, RTEMS Coldfire, QNX, AMX 68K & x86 (real & protected mode)
  • multi-threaded Windows applications
  • multitasking Ada coded systems

TCP/IP networking

  • secure M2M (machine-to-machine) VPN across internet
  • design, configuration and deployment for wired, WiFi and cellular networks
  • embedded webserver
  • ethernet driver for Omron FINS

CANBUS networking

  • message capture, analysis, and injection
  • development of CanBUS devices

Serial communications protocols

  • GPS, radio telemetry, HDLC on RS485, ModBus, RFID reader, barcode scanner
  • serial drivers for ABB NextMove & FlexDrive, Mitsubishi PLC, Siemens PLC, ABB robot

Scientific & Engineering applications in LabWindows CVI

  • machine control
  • data visualisation
  • image analysis
  • simulators & testers with graphical controls

Integration of factory machines with office scheduling and reporting systems

  • factory machine accessing job details in office SQL database

Database development

  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, PostGIS
  • Faircom – embedded, standalone, networked, client-server