Ultrasound Image Analysis



PorkScan is an AusMeat Certified carcase grading system, developed by IBIS Computer for Australian Pork Ltd in conjunction with GreenLeaf Entertprises.
It was deployed into four consortium partner abattoirs with positve results.

Commercial Objectives

  • To develop an improved carcase grading system (multi-point, rather than the existing single point measurement system) for use in Australian abattoirs
  • To improve efficiency of carcase sorting, leading to greater efficiency in the boning room
  • To provide improved accuracy in predicinting primal Lean Meat Yield (LMY) and thus commercial value
  • To provide more comprehensive feedback to producers and geneticists and eventually be able to target specific market requirements

Technical Objectives

  • To measure fat depth and muscle depth from carcase ultrasound image capture and analyse it in real-time
  • Analysis measurements overlayed on image snapshot and displayed to operator with red or green border indicating bad or good image based on identifying essential features in the image
  • Rapid real-time analysis (achieved<40ms) so operator can re-take images if required before carcase has moved away.
  • Raw images and calculation parameters are stored in result .png file and are available for subsequent re-analysis

Key Elements

Tools Used

  • National Instruments LabWindows CVI with Vision Libraries